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Janet’s brother said her husband became very controlling and she felt TRAPPED! Rihanna is already wearing suspiciously dark and loose fitting clothing. Naomi can’t be too thrilled about Liev’s romance with but what’s a girl to do?Their sons get along just fine with Taylor Neisen and in the beginning some people assumed she was the boys’ nanny.But it’s hard not to feel special when you mom is an Oscar winner!Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA We are SO proud of Jessica Chastain’s contribution to the women’s movement.But the beautiful actress chose to wear a highly unusual single earring that had everyone talking.Her ear was actually far more dressed up than the rest of her with pearls, beads, chains and abstract objects.It’s always a big production when Angelina Jolie and her six kids and entourage go out in public. She’s getting a lot done on her brief trip to Paris – she’s filming a perfume ad for she had a meeting with President Macron’s wife discussing Syrian refugees, and above, she’s taking the kids to Le Louvre Museum.The fact that she’s wearing HIGH HEELS to walk through a museum makes us wonder if this is just a photo op.

click on the title of any post, it is a link to a separate page that shows all the comments. Anyway, at the second screening a guy got up and said he was dizzy and staggered out.A female seeking to wear male fashions successfully might look to Pharrell Williams for inspiration.Christina, unfortunately, looks more like that portly devil Harvey Weinstein than Pharrell.Most Important: Jessica said “MEN SHOULD BE DOING THIS WITH FEMALE COSTARS! Even her freshly plumped lips can’t save this fashion disaster.Women rocking a menswear look can be very appealing – if one emulates the RIGHT man.

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It turns out Taylor comes from a wealthy family (private plane etc) and she’s in the process of getting her own place in Manhattan.

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  1. Maybe this is because older adults are wise enough to know that looks have very little to do with whether someone is going to be a kind, loving and caring companion.