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You valued the aloof boyfriend more than the attentive “just-a-” friend.Eventually, he took the hint and moved on with his life.Well the process is "jollofy"-the only difference is that I used yam. It is basically Yam porridge made in tomato sauce, so it is not your every day asaro. Either the Nice Guy sees an opportunity and makes his move – and gets shot down – or his crush gets a new boyfriend; this is usually seen as the last straw for the Nice Guy.

It saves me all of the time and anxiety that comes with writing a thrice-weekly column that usually culminates with the 3 AM insomnia-inducing panic that leads to my brain screaming “I HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS!

or at least one night of vulnerability-induced sex and an incredibly awkward morning after full of regrets and mint-schnapps-flavored vomit. Check any of the many “I’ve been friend-zoned” or “Nice Guy” rants on Facebook or Reddit or Tumblr – no, seriously, go ahead. Except of course he isn’t, he doesn’t and quite frankly, he’s probably not really in love with her anyway.

I’ll wait – and you’ll see a recurring pattern: “She doesn’t want a nice guy, she only wants those assholes who treat her better. A true friend doesn’t make his relationship with a person conditional to the idea that some day – maybe not today, but some day he’s not going to say anything: because as soon as he does, the illusion is ruined.

I finally filmed a video for it in 2015 so that you have both print and video. It is so rich and definitely not fit-fam friendly but oh..overtime fit-fam. I absolutely love it because I'm crazy about coconuts!

Don't miss the recipe HERE This recipe is the one you will be jumping upandan for when you try it. I only shared this recipe yesterday so check on it HERE This was my Christmas recipe.

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They probably teased you because they thought he had a crush on you.

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