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The narration alternates between a female (Romane Bohringer) and a male (Charles Berling) narrator speaking the alternate roles of the female and male penguin, and as the chicks are born, their narration is handled by child actor Jules Sitruk.

The original French-language release features a first-person narrative as if the story is being told by the penguins themselves.

For an additional two months, the males huddle together for warmth, and incubate their eggs.

They endure temperatures approaching −62 °C (−80 °F), and their only source of water is snow that falls on the breeding ground.

At times, the young are abandoned by one parent, and they must rely on the return of the other parent, which can recognize the chick only from its unique call.

Many parents die on the trip, killed by exhaustion or by predators (such as the leopard seal), dooming their chicks back at the breeding ground.

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