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Team still has some work to do, but they only spent two seasons out of the they look like they have the makings of another cup-caliber team..gut tells me that no one is going to be too surprised or thrilled by their moves at the deadline..that the heavier deals will be at the draft.

I think that's when we'll see two core guys moved that may generate some significant shock.tdchi Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTHospo- I think guys like JT (or even Brendan Smith) feel like the coach will censure them if they do stand up.

I thought those idiots in Vancouver were bad....geeesh...dude was caught on video being cheered into eating horseshit. r F4l Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTStepunmytoe: Agree as long as he gets good ice time.

If not I would rather see Holland warming the bench and Letteri getting top minutes in the minors.

Rest of this year with injuries and upcoming trades he should be able to get enough ice time at the NHL so I would hope to see him get more of that ice and more PP time.

Wildcard Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTNYStranger: part of the standings issue is that every game should be 3 points.

I think he’d be an excellent 2 center on the New York Rangers. Tell you what: I would have traded his ass outta dodge right then...

We have talent but we suck.....Heckyl and Jeckyl out of there and maybe there's a chance this team doesn't fall into the abyss and a return to the years of doom and gloom an Jeff Toms..The coach is a gutless spineless Coward no matter which way you slice it.Think about it; would you rather punch AV in the face or Bitchslap him? _Arc Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTPersonally, I dont give a rats ass about the prospects we might get in deals..Please no....r F4l Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTI opt for bitch slapping AV's fat, clueless, gum chewing, Jack Black, Cat in the Hat stupid face. And boy, did he ever get futures: Three firsts(ZBORIL, SENYSHYN, FREDERIC) two seconds(FORSBACKA-KARLSSON and LAUZON), plus Colin MILLER and Sean KURALY.Those two deals, when combined with some decent drafting, jumpstarted the Bruins back to success.

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Rhet0ric Tue Feb 6 2018 pm ESTDomi like all of AZ has underwhelmed.

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