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You'll be involved in lots of funny and strange situations where you'll be able to get laid with several characters.Find yourself in a strange fortress deep in the forest which is full of horny monsters and strange creatures.It also comes with the ability to pick the player characters gender and ethnicity.In this game you'll have to walk around dungeons, collect different items, fight against monsters, meat different beast creatures and more.

Probably some of them will remind you other movies or TV series. You'll visit Sarah and Bullseism and check how they are doing.

First of all be patient as the game loads (huge one). You have to clear the tall towers full of dangerous and sexual monster girls. Your task is to get familiar with neighborhood around you, meet and talk with all females, and hope that some of them will give to you what you want. You are a detective who's task is to take photos required by mission task.

You check your mail all the time for a new missions when all the sudden you get a task to find some missing girl. This is a text simulator where you have to become friends, seduce, dominate with a shy cat furry. The game is not easy and to reach all endings and play all scenarios you have to follow the story and be patient.

Your task is colonize uninhabited island and make there your own harem of girls.

To do that you must collect resources, build different buildings, look for girls, make yourself something to eat and many more.

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