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I think sometimes it is best to keep a hint of mystery around an author.Too often, when one finds out all the ugly, sordid truths of an author--it colors one's perception of their work.RL/HG/SB: means that Hermione gets Remus AND Sirius. (I know that that can be difficult--trust me, I have my deal breakers just like you do.)My fanfic was originally glee-centric.That's why it always strikes me as a bit peculiar that people can be surprised. In the story clearly labeled HG/AM/CB/OB, Hermione ends up with Abraxas Malfoy, Cygnus Black AND Orion Black??? However, lately I've been writing Harry Potter fanfic because the community is just so vocal and responsive.

Harry Potter's family isn't only at Number 4 Privet Drive. He's doing his best to adjust to life without his friends, and he considers turning to the Ministry for help. Hermione's coworkers are worried about her, but she keeps saying that it's nothing. Neville's fairly certain that this time Luna might have bitten off more than she can chew. Prolonged exposure to the Horcrux left its mark on the youngest Weasley and she struggles in the aftermath. What options would the pureblood daughter of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black have at her disposal? Lunch at the swankiest restaurant in wizarding London can be a fun little splurge, but what if the restaurant accidentally overbooks?

Here is the Spanish translation "Destino Retornable" as translated by WALIXELA (sorry it took me awhile to get this up here):https:// Apparently there's a Russian translation out there too, but I can't read Russian so I'm uncertain as to how to post the Master Post page. They leave that sort of nonsense to Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors. He is now surrounded by small girls who are fascinated with his pretty, pretty hair. Molly/Arthur (They're newlyweds so this is *before* kids...)Written for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Challenge S02R01- Family Round. He was a pretty memorable bloke and he left an indelible impression on all of his nephews, but in the end it was George who understood him best. WARNING: Character deaths, tragedy, grief, negative coping skils. The War may have changed a lot of things, but not Parvati Patil's love of her favourite Quidditch team. Marcus Flint/Susan Bones Certain things are expected of young, wealthy, pureblood wizards like Blaise Zabini. Ratings for language, mature content, some violence, and Umbridge. Major SMUT warning, but I'm looking at the relationship dynamic involved in a triad too.

Several people have asked about posting my stories as PDFs or posting them to AO3. Dementors are classified as XXXXX according to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Experiencing the game in person is always a thrill for her... Unfortunately, he doesn't want anything he's supposed to-he wants Millicent Bulstrode, but sneaking around and lying will only get you so far. This story explores how Puckleberry Finn would work as a real relationship.

Unaware to even Dumbledore, an upheaval is approaching. That doesn't mean that we close ourselves off from ever loving again. Submitted to The Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition for Round One.

The Ancient and Noble House of Black is reclaiming their power and changing the future of the magical world.

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I was so excited because she used the exact person I always have in my head when I'm thinking of younger Sirius without me ever saying a single thing. Check it out on Deviant Art because the tiny bit that is squished onto the cover here is only part of it. Lily could not control the fact that she was pretty, vivacious and magically-talented.

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