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I'm an easy going, supportive and open person, lets talk about whatever you want! If I’m online, then please feel free to start a chat. My names Sergio and im just starting out on this site as a listener, I have dealt with many struggles such as self harm, loneliness and other things, I try my best to be the nicest person I can be and want to help others and lend an ear for whatever problems you may be facing, my main goal is too make sure your walking away happier and more confident than when you talked too me about your problems, it's a longshot but I'm willing to help any way I can, please enjoy your time :)Hello!If I’m offline, then send me a message and we can set up a time to connect. I am a trained and active listener who is willing to help.I enjoy cats, making food, animals, going to amusement parks, and just being out.I have overcome a lot in life and would love to help you overcome your life situation PLEASE KNOW: most often i will not accept chit chat. I like to support people struggling with anxiety, drug abuse, depression, infertility, pregnancy and infant loss, domestic violence and break ups as I have personal experience in those.I am a trained active listener and would love to chat with you!In my life, I have overcome many personal obstacles, and would love to connect with you. As a trained active listener, I look forward to being a positive source of help and support for you.She admitted it sounded "very tempting", but this clearly wasn't enough for Anil, who upped his game with some filthy talk and asked for "bobs pics".

"I was just thinking that I would love to be in contact with an Indian Man Honny." She went on to tell him she was "very, very elderly" and from Britain.

i will also not hesitate to disregard any form of sexual content intended to be thrown at me. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and playing with my 3 dogs and cat. My main interest is helping others and making them feel the best they possibly can and be their best self.

I will block/ban you if you go against my wishes I’m a male 20 years old with a lot of experience talking and listening to people I volunteer on a lifeboat for the RNLI in my home town and have been through a lot myself now I just want to give back and do something meaningful....

If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to I am here!

I myself have gone through self harm and I still have anxiety and I get stressed out but if you have any problem I am willing to help with anything!

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What resulted was "phenomenal" - but the woman had one more task for her new pen pal.

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