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The only “big beautiful wall” being constructed these days is the barrier between reality and the mindset of Trump supporters.

Who among them will help Trump avoid a crashing fall?

Who could ever have predicted that a little boy born in the middle of a snowstorm in a tiny town in central Illinois to a very poor family would grow up and become President of the United States?

And not just any president, but a giant among greats. Yet when that was the end goal, any steps taken in that direction were steps in the right direction. Have we lost the ability to imagine and dream big and long for more?

That we want to once again be inspired by confidence and hope.

Secondly, will right-wing talk radio allow him to make an immigration deal with the Democrats if he shifts to talking about a “virtual” wall?Heller can see that Democrats are targeting his state and congressional districts where the Latino population has increased in recent years. This kind of unprecedented government land grab would tie the government up in years of costly litigation as landowners fight back in the courts.And then there is the fact that Trump is not getting help to pay for the wall from Mexico.Whenever Trump says that Mexico will eventually pay for the wall, former Mexican President Vincente Fox tweets back: “We are not paying for that stupid f-in wall.” At this point, the wall is at best a majestic symbol in the culture wars and a wedge issue for Trump’s GOP.It is not a viable policy and thus it does not belong in a serious policy debate over immigration and funding the federal government.

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